About Us

PORTOWORLD has been actively engaged for the last 15 years in Wellness Business, Internationally. The activities of PORTOWORLD include, Innovating research based Unique Wellness Products and exporting them to the World, identifying unique Life saving and Life Extending Products and Importing them to India with an intension to help the humanity as a whole. PORTOWORLD, strongly believes in offering WHOLISTIC SOLUTION to Human Problems and Sufferings and has so for released more than 25 Unique Wellness Products to the World in the last 5 Years.

Led ably by its Founder DR.KRISHNAMURTHY KANNAN, who is an M.D in Alternative Medicines and who has received a Ph.D for his research and findings on Geopathic Stress, PORTOWORLD has already brought to the World, many FIRST of its kind Wellness Products, which are all aimed at eliminating the Root Cause of the Problems associated with human sufferings and not the Symptoms alone. Environmental Positive Energy Enhancer Products of PORTOWORLD are proven and are well received in many countries.

PORTOWORLD's extensive Research on EMF and Mobile Phone Radiation has brought to the World, RADISAFE, a Mobile Phone Radiation and Heat Harmonizer which is currently exported to more than 15 countries besides its extensive use in INDIA. RADISAFE is backed up with credible certificates and testimonials of the userís worldwide.

PORTOWORLD sincerely thank all those positive minded people around the World for their association with us and assure them that we will continue to work on releasing more products that touch human lives and which will make the life more qualitative.

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